Arizona honey bees are one of the most controversial pests. It is important to note that all responsible pest control companies in Arizona have a tremendous respect for Arizona honey bees and understand their significance in the ecosystem. That respect guides us towards .

There is a lot of talk each year of the dangers associated with Africanized Honey Bees (AHB). AHBs share many similar qualities to their European counterparts, however, some important behaviors and temperament set them far apart. AHBs are far more aggressive when defending the nest and become agitated at less interference than European bees. Simply approaching the hive may cause them to attack a potential threat. AHBs commit larger numbers in defense of the hive and will pursue a threat for nearly 450 yards. Bee stings are associated with loud noises, vibrations, and approach and contact with a hive.

 If you have discovered a hive that has infested a void in your home, it is best to have it professionally removed. Aside from the risk it poses to people, honey bees also actively build honey comb immediately upon infestation. Once a hive is eliminated, unattended honey will fall away from the comb in the hot Arizona summers and may cause drywall damage or attract beetles and ants that are looking for a sweet treat.

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