It is estimated that Arizona is home to over 300 separate species of ants, more than any other state in the U.S. Although, most Arizona ants are not considered structural pests, we do have several species that can cause a bit of trouble in and around your home. By understanding ant biology, we are able to implement methods that keep populations from invading your home. By utilizing baits, liquids, dusts, and proper environmental management we will keep your living space comfortable and free of Arizona ants.

Arizona Ant Control

Some ant species, such as the Argentine ant, are able to grow their colonies into what entomologists call super colonies. Super colonies can cover hundreds of square miles. Other invasive species, like the red imported fire ant, populate rapidly and can push indigenous species out of their native environment. Cummings Termite & Pest technicians understand the habits of these invasive species. As a result, we entertain the appropriate baits and liquid pest control products that complement pest ant eating and traveling habits.

Dangers of Arizona Ants

Arizona Ants, like all ants have the ability to transmit diseases, populate to such numbers that may create electrical shortages, destroy fabric, and bite or sting. Proper control methods not only help to create a safe environment for our customers, but responsible pest control also aids in the management of non-indigenous invasive species.

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